App of the Month: IFTTT (If this, then that!)



If you’re a blogger or a marketing/ social media manager, you must relate to the headaches of managing multiple accounts every day. IFTTT (If This Then That) puts the Internet to work for you by letting you to create commands or what they call as “recipes” between the products you use every day. Some popular recipes that might be useful for businesses are, “share new IG posts as native Twitter pictures”, “Shareyour IG posts on FB”, “Save tagged FB photos in separate album”, “Post your YouTube uploads to a FB Page”, “keep your profile pictures in sync”, and on. There are thousands of possible recipes and some might benefit your personal or work life even you are not in the marketing field, for example, “Mute my phone when I get to work and un-mute it after work”, “Track my working hours in Google Calendar”, “Save new photos posted on FB to Dropbox”, “Set volume up when connects to specific Wi-Fi devices”, etc. Experience the new world of automation first, and we will talk about other family Apps of IFTTT (Yes, it keeps taking its automating superpowers to new levels!)
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